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Engaging Schools: Springboard’s Campaigns

With schools now back in full swing, there are great opportunities for schools to get involved with Springboard. FutureChef is back for another year, with the FAB programme and Front of House Festival also offering great opportunities to experience hospitality-related careers first hand.


Springboard’s FutureChef was delivered in over 700 schools nationwide for 2015/16, with 8,239 pupils participating. FutureChef gives young people a life skill, directly relates to the national curriculum, and looks to inspire the next generation of chefs. It tackles the severe skills shortage facing hospitality by encouraging 12-16 year olds to develop their cooking skills and their understanding of nutrition.

Gareth Billington with Bethan Disley Jones 1

In 2016/2017 new video resources, class activities and student recognition awards are being introduced. These are designed to develop students’ technical skills and ability to produce amazing dishes, introducing them to the fantastic opportunities the wider hospitality industry has to offer.

FutureChef features a four stage national competition and since it began, 98,548 young school pupils have participated in the competition. Young individuals like Ruth Hansom have gone on to great success thanks to FutureChef. Ruth was the runner up at the National Final in 2012 and following her success she was offered a place at Westminster Kingsway College. Ruth won the ‘Apprentice Chef Award’ at the 20th Craft Guild of Chefs Awards 2013. She is currently living in London whilst working at The Ritz and next year she is representing England in Brazil at the World Skills show.

Ruth said: “FutureChef is an amazing initiative. Springboard opens the door to all the contacts who can help you succeed in hospitality. Most importantly they give you the confidence you need to achieve what you are capable of.”


FAB (Food and Beverage programme) is Springboard’s hospitality educational resource. It’s designed as an innovative cross-curricula programme including Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Drama and Food Technology. Through interactive modules within these subjects it aims to inspire and educate students about careers in hospitality.

Two teacher trials took place last year in Cornwall, with positive feedback being received from the 48 students involved. The FAB Enterprise Challenge has been created following the teacher trials. 6 new digital resources have been developed and these will be launched during Front of House Festival this October.

Front of House

Students, school pupils, and job seekers are invited to join the fun at Front of House Festival. The festival will showcase front of house careers and will bring potential employees together with potential employers. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different front of house role, and each aims to inspire people to pursue front of house-based careers.

You can sign up to take part in the National Waiters Day race, come along to careers talks, take part in social media competitions, and meet industry professionals.

On the Thursday of the festival, races will be held around the UK, with the main race taking place in Hyde Park, London. Hundreds of waiters will compete against each other to complete the course - dressed in traditional waiters' attire!

National Waiters Day 2015 1.jpg

Each day of the week is dedicated to a different Front of House role:

  • Monday - Barista Day
  • Tuesday - Front of House & Guest Services Day
  • Wednesday - Leisure / Tourism Visitor Services Day
  • Thursday - National Waiters Day (The Race)
  • Friday - Drinks &anp; Beverage Day

For more information on Springboard’s engaging school activities, visit: