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Ceviche's Executive Sous Chef

Daniel Ribeiro, Executive Sous Chef, Ceviche Ltd, discusses his role.

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1. Tell us about Ceviche Ltd.
We are a world class restaurant and arts company. We run four successful, unique and beautiful London restaurants, serving Michelin-standard food and drinks, without the fuss. We run an art gallery, a music company, a food products company and also support a wide range of charities. We work and live by our values. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives with excellence in Peruvian food, drinks, music and the arts. We run a wide variety of popular digital platforms, including our own popular YouTube channel called Martin’s Peruvian Kitchen. We have also released an award winning cookbook.

2. What’s your role and what skills do you need for it?
I am the Executive Sous Chef for Ceviche Ltd. I work across our four restaurants, supporting the head chefs to deliver beautiful food to every guest. I support the executive chef in creating new dishes and love to see my work in the restaurants. The most important skills for my role are listening (so I can support people well), leadership (to help the kitchens to constantly improve) and being financially aware (so we maintain great profitability).

3. What’s the culture like at Ceviche Ltd?
The culture is warm, friendly and supportive. A lot of the time we describe it as a family, as we help each other and push each other to fulfil our potential.

4. What career opportunities are available at Ceviche and what do you look for in a potential candidate?
We are a growing company and are always looking for people with great energy and enthusiasm to join our teams on the floor and in the kitchen. We are able to train people on most things, so attitude is the most important thing we look for.

5. What’s your best tip for people looking to join hospitality, leisure and tourism?
Be positive and enthusiastic. You need to love guests and food to be able to deliver a great service. If you work hard you can go very far very quickly!

6. In one sentence, what is the best thing about your job?
Seeing people enjoying my creations in the restaurant.