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Harlow college visit Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport

On Wednesday 8th June 2017, the Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport attended Harlow College in Essex to deliver a cooking demonstration to its level 2 students as part of their course for their enrichment activity through employer engagment and to the level 3 students as part of their technical qualification for their course.

IMG 0852Harlow College have an amazing Chef Academy which offers several courses. Its hands-on programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to help you become a professional chef. It will open doors to various sectors of the food industry and provide you with many workplace essentials. Throughout their course they will gain high standard cookery skills in our state-of-the art facilities, alongside other fundamental knowledge in hygiene, health & safety, teamwork and customer care.

Chef’s Ben and Lewis kicked off the session by talking through their personal careers and qualifications and then got to know the students.

Ben was asked to create two portions of two dishes, one being meat and one being fish, with a potato and vegetable garnish.

IMG 0857Ben and Lewis firstly started the demonstration on the meat dish, which was pork belly with a pomme Anna potato and  braised red cabbage with a red wine jus.

Here is the final pork belly dish, the students all tasted the dish and asked lots of questions.

During the tasting, Ben explained about textures and flavours. The students were really engaged and believed they had the capality, knowledge and skills to produce the dish following their demonstrations.

IMG 0866The second dish which was Pan roasted salmon with a mussle, cockel, leek and potato summer stew.

Ben explained how important it is to prep shell fish and how to wash it correctly. Ben then demonstrated how to prep, trim and clean the salmon.

Ben and Lewis then moved onto how to make the summer stew, which consisted of diced leek, diced potato and the cooking liquor from the shell fish.

The final touches was on how present the dish. Starting with the spinach at the base with the garnish of the summer stew around the side of the dish, then the sauce and then the cooked salmon placed onto of the spinach.

The day closed with a questions and answers session which was really interactive by all.

Ben received some amazing feedback on the day from the students and following the day received feedback from the college management team shared below.

Hi Ben, a really big thanks to you and Lewis for the Demonstration today all the students really enjoyed it, hopefully you will be able to do something again in the new college year. Many thanks.

Kind regards