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Delaware North - Highlights from some of our Ambassadors


Team Ambassador 2017 – Winners

Group Ambassadors

Delaware North’s enthusiasm and dedication in inspiring future professionals to view hospitality as a positive career choice is matched only by their passion for the industry. We are delighted to be able to recognise their achievements through this award. - Tony Holmes, Sales Director, Bestway


Daniel Clark and Wembley Stadium Team

St Edwards School Visit 1    St Edwards School Visit 2    St Edwards School Visit 3

Earlier on in the year we had the pleasure of hosting 60 pupils from St Edward’s School at Wembley Stadium for an educational experience. Starting with a gathering of the excited children in our staff restaurant, springboard Ambassador Daniel Clark, the Catering Services Director at the stadium, took the audience through a journey of interesting information about the size and scale of what Delaware North delivers there. The fascinated kids were then shown the variety of Events the stadium has put on over the previous few years. This acted as a reminder for the children as they were then tasked with working in teams to design a cake that would reflect one or many of these events. Teamwork was the key subject that was covered by Daniel in his presentation, vital in the success of Wembley operations. It is an essential aspect of much of what we do and was key in their task to design a cake.

Lots of noise, chatter, laughter and hard work followed as the children discussed their ideas and then put coloured pen to paper to create their best possible design. It finished with some seriously great results!

Following this, another Springboard ambassador and our Executive chef Mark Reynolds along with some of his colleagues, took the students on a tour of the stadium. Walking through many areas, the kids were able to see the enormous stadium close up, and even enjoyed an opportunity to visit the changing rooms and go pitch side.

Having designed a cake they thought depicted a famous Wembley moment, they were faced with the reality of having to actually decorate a cake according to their design. More fun more laughter more scratching heads ensued as the kids went about the task. Some brilliant work by all of them resulted in a large number of fantastic designs and also a sweet present for them to take home as the cakes were cut up and boxed for them, once they had been judged by our chefs.


Tommy Fairhall (and the Emirates Team) Springboard Quote

Hospitality Futures 1    Hospitlaity Futures 2

“We had an amazing day with Delaware North on Wednesday 11th October who hosted us at the fabulous Emirates Stadium. The day started with us having a presentation about Delaware North and hearing the personal journeys of some of the staff, many of which had been with the company for years. After this we split into 2 groups (Delaware were kind enough to host around 30 of us) and had tours of the Stadium and we saw the different types of catering that is provided on a match day. We were also very lucky to see the football areas such as the changing rooms, pitch and seating. We then spent some time doing catering related challenges with the Head Chef such as food presentation where we had to put together different courses from all of the food items we had and then the chef gave us some feedback – we definitely used too much gravy! We also got to eat the desserts we put together, which everybody devoured. After this we did a food quiz and had to identify 20 different fruits and vegetables, which again was great fun and we all learned at least one (most way more than one) food that we had never seen before.

Hospitlaity Futures 3    Hospitlaity Futures 4

We then moved onto mocktail making which was really interesting and enjoyable. During the day we also had access to tea and coffee and the lunch was incredible. The whole day was an amazing experience for the group and so well organised. The staff were super friendly and genuine and the variety of activities made the day really special for us. At the end of the day many of the delegates were very eager to work at Delaware North after seeing how professional and friendly everything was.” - Tony Mullen – Employability Programme Manager at The Springboard Charity


Ellias Carr – Eastlea Community School

Eastlea School 1    Eastlea School 2    Eastlea School 3

I have been working with Eastlea Community School in Newham for 2 years now since I became a Springboard Ambassador. I have received great satisfaction from support students within this school and in April I was asked to take a class on break making. This is something that took me out of my comfort zone but I was ready for the challenge and was very proud of all the students who all successfully managed to make their Focasccia bread. Considering the time was so tight, and they have not made bread before, they all were so well behaved, and done everything I showed them. I hope this skill remains with them!

In 2018 I am hoping to be paired with a student for the FutureChef Competition who I can mentor and support through the process.


Mark Reynolds

We started the year with a work placement with Nathan Racey who I mentored for future chef for two years he had a really good work placement and showed a natural adjustment to the kitchen environment, I have recently spoked to Nathen who will be enrolling at Westminster next year on a full time course hopefully we will be able to use him on event days.

I also spoke to Danny Lotter recently he has now had another promotion at the shard and is now a demi chef de partie it’s great that we both stay in contact with each other I’m very proud of him.

We welcomed Amy Campbell on the summertime ball as the runner up prize for future chef Amy was so confident with me and the team and took a lot of interest in the food and the production of large scale catering, after her kitchen show round she had a great day in the box with her family.

On two days in June we welcomed St Edwards school they were a younger age than we would normally see so we changed the presentation to them we had them create a cake on card and decorate it around some of the interesting facts that they had learnt about Wembley.

We gave them lunch I’ve never seen such a rush for food it was hilarious to watch and boy could they eat not a crumb was left on their plates.

We then gave them a tour of the stadium when they returned they were shocked to find out they had to decorate an actual cake to their own design it did get a bit messy but they all enjoyed it and to be fair did a great job.

I have been out and judged a few competitions this year and have been amazed as always by the standard that is coming into the industry.

Emma Noble

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My main activities have been to support a few events over the year with BEE, in association with Springboard, which bring Employers and Students together via dynamic, fun, and focused activities that comply with the Education Act 2011 in providing ‘Independent Careers Advice’.

Networking schools are in Middlesex, Walthamstow, Enfield, Brent, Harrow, Camden and Barnet: from small workshops comprising just 10 students, to entire year groups totalling 240.

My main contribution has been to support the 'BEE interviewed' programme.

This scheme gives young people the amazing opportunity to apply for a pretend job by answering an advert and submitting a CV and Cover Letter by a set deadline.

On the interview day set up the process as if it were a real interview. I will be allocated a group of circa 5 students over the course of a morning or afternoon. Then in turn I will give valuable, constructive, and written feedback on the way the interviewees performed and announce who would get the job.

This opportunity gives them the chance to experience a first interview and to meet a potential Employer.

Other support includes team building tasks and activities with the students and presenting career talks to the group on my journey in the Hospitality industry.

These activities help the students to become aware of potential career opportunities and networks in life that will enable them to succeed.