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Delaware North - Future Focus

Looking to the future

At Delaware North we invest in people’s journeys to bring their potential to life to achieve individual and collective success. We achieve this through many avenues and working with Springboard enables us to offer opportunities and insight to young people as to what a career in our fantastic industry could look like.

We have the gift to create our culture so that we are known as the ‘must place to work’ for future leaders, to use internal disruption to challenge how work is done to excite our people to constantly raise the bar, to have an agile and fluid learning eco system to enable people to thrive and to be ambassadors for exceptional customer service.

As we look to next year, we celebrate our ongoing progress with our people agenda. Our launch of the NEXT Academy now offers huge opportunity to truly invest in our people and there has never been a greater moment to be involved with Springboard.

Springboard’s goals are to help young people, alleviate poverty and relieve unemployment as well as promote exciting careers to students in education. The wealth of programmes continue to evolve and there is so much opportunity for us to support them. Our Ambassadors are a stellar example of how we can truly make a difference to individuals’ futures and our Delaware North success, proudly recognised when the team recently received the Group Ambassador Award at the 2017 Springboard Awards for Excellence.

So, our ‘ask’ of you is – can you play a bigger part in shaping the future of our industry and helping others follow in our footsteps into our world? There is no better way to do this than join us in supporting Springboard in 2018

Alison Gray - Human Resources Director