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Delaware North - FutureChef

The Springboard’s FutureChef Programme

Springboard’s FutureChef was developed in 1999 as a result of research findings into young people’s perceptions of the industry. It revealed that young people regarded chefs such as Brian Turner, Gary Rhodes and James Martin almost as highly as pop or television stars - surprisingly, however, few genuinely considered a career as a chef! Since its inception, Springboard’s FutureChef has evolved from a four stage Competition into a year-long Programme where industry and education can work together at a local level on a regular basis. Through both the Programme and the Competition the initiative addresses:

• Perceptions of the industry by introducing young people to cooking
• Development of skills – cooking, team work, ingredients, healthy eating
• Positive work experience and tasters in the industry
• Comprehensive advice on career options and entry routes available – to support informed decision making


The Competition – Judging

Andi Redwood, Neil Hardy and Steve Fletcher at Derby Football Club have all been judging in local heats in 2017. Each local heat has 8 to 10 students competing by making 2 courses (main and dessert) for 2 people with a budget of £7 in 90 minutes. The industry chefs mark the students according to judging criteria which requires the students to demonstrate practical skills, to produce a selection of dishes, to work in a methodical manner, to create a menu costing form and to show awareness of nutritional balance. The student winner is matched to an industry chef mentor to prepare and practice cooking skills for the Regional final.



002 Jane Henderson Photography 0206

Courtney McDowell came for her 2nd Prize at Wembley Stadium and did her work experience with Mark Reynolds and enjoyed the concert with her family following this.