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Delaware North - Future Focus

Leaders in what is next...

"At Delaware North one of our key goals is to deliver scalable programmes and services to acquire, develop and retain talent while advancing our brand reputation. Developing engaged, high performing teams that embody our company values and position us for ‘what’s next’ is a critical part of our long term plan. Coupling that with industry leading, innovative business and people solutions and aspiring to elevate each and every person’s experience with us, is how we invest in peoples’ journeys to bring their potential to life to achieve individual and collective success. Our inaugural year of the NEXT Academy has seen a group of dedicated learners work with us as we shape its purpose and design, all focused with our peoples’ growth and development as our end in mind."

"This is truly a team effort, involving many people, both from within Delaware North, and our trusted partners. Springboard is a great illustration of how we demonstrate this. One of Springboard’s key objectives is to help young people achieve their potential through education, work experience and careers support and as their partner. We have an opportunity to really showcase our industry to a future talent pool. Another one of their goals is to relieve unemployment and alleviate poverty through a wide range of into work programmes, and again, we have an amazing opportunity to support people in finding a purpose and a career within our business. AS you read our ‘year in review’ I know you will join me in feeling proud of just how much our team across the business do to support the Charity’s purpose."

"We have the gift to create our culture so that we are known as the ‘must place to work’ for future leaders, to use internal disruption to challenge how work is done to excite our people to constantly raise the bar, to have an agile and fluid learning eco system to enable people to thrive and to be ambassadors for exceptional customer service. Promoting our industry as a great place to work, grow and thrive is a ‘no brainer’. Our cohort of Springboard Ambassadors, who themselves have developed as a result of committing to this role, continue to advocate our vision and Delaware North as the company to join."

"As we look to 2019, we celebrate our ongoing progress with our people agenda. We will continue to challenge ourselves, test our own ‘norms’ and seek out third alternatives to be the best that we can be. So, our ‘ask’ of you is – can you play a bigger part in shaping the future of our company and our industry by helping others follow in our footsteps into our world? There is no better way to do this than join us in supporting Springboard in 2019."

Alison Gray - Human Resources Director