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Ambassador Activities: Ellie Nicholson from Head Office



This has been my third year as a Springboard Ambassador and again I have been able to be involved in a number of different projects and activities. My three highlights are:

Springboard Conference

I attended the Springboard Ambassadors conference earlier this year, and enjoyed being able to network with fellow Hospitality industry professionals, get some insights into the challenges of hospitality and culinary education and support in schools – this really energised my participation and enthusiasm for what we do with Springboard, helping and facilitating our ambassadors and other support within our business. (2 Instagram Photos of the Ambassador Conference)

Havering College Visit

I supported the team at the Emirates Stadium hosting Havering College, we got great feedback from this event and I really enjoyed working with the Emirates team to put it together. The team did a great job facilitating the students learning, putting on two chef demonstrations, a tour and mocktail making. The students were engaged throughout, some of them were even interested in event day work, and we got some great feedback – a fab experience all round.

Job Fairs

Myself and my team attend a huge number of job fairs each year – many with the support of the operators out in the business, both Springboard ambassadors and not. Depending on the fairs, we have different audiences to appeal to – whether that’s a Freshers Fair advertising part time work to incoming university students, job centre sessions supporting jobseekers into paid employment who have had some difficulties in returning to the workplace, or school and college careers fairs talking to students from ages 13 – 18 about the Hospitality industry, opportunities, career paths and where to find more – these are not only engaging days out from behind a desk but often are great feeders into other programmes including work experience and casual work. 


Ambassador Activities: Tim Jopling at London Stadium

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Tim Jopling at London Stadium – His top three events this year are:

Diageo Bartending & Hospitality Interview Day:

This was a wonderful opportunity to meet some really fantastic trainees and help them on their path to a career in hospitality. The venue was amazing and set the tone for the day, adequately mimicking what the staff can expect in the working world. It was great to build rapport with the trainees and put them through their paces, each individual had their own character and personality that really shone through. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the day at the Hilton and hope to be involved in similar events. (Photo from Diageo Programme)

LSME Careers Fair 2019:

I had a great time with Rebeca Stotz at this Careers Fair which was targeted at Management Students. We had the chance to interact with a diverse range of people and explained what Delaware North as a global company is all about. We also gave them an insight into the various jobs that make up the organisation and what jobs were available. They in turn took flyers and business cards, which contained information on how to apply for work at Delaware & join the team. After we interacted with everyone we then went on a panel (which included the British Army, Met Police and Fire Brigade), introduced ourselves to the audience and provided them with information about our work related journeys. The audience were then given the opportunity to ask us questions and proved to be a very motivated and enthusiastic individuals with wonderful career aspirations.

UEL Careers Fair:

This was held at the amazing campus in Docklands and the event is the biggest student and graduate recruitment event of their calendar year. We saw and communicated with many students who showed a genuine interest in Delaware North and Hospitality in general. A lot of students did not realise the sheer scope and scale of what a career in hospitality can bring, and they understood that it can unlock many doors.

Spotlight on Mandy Byrne at Ricoh Arena

Why did you want to be trained as a Springboard Ambassador?

I was very excited to be invited to train as a Springboard Ambassador, being awarded the qualification will enable me to provide support to a wide variety of people.

How was your training?

The training that I received was very thorough, interesting and informative. I feel that I am now better placed to provide support and guidance to those returning back into the workplace. I can now identify the transferable skills that are gained outside of the work environment, for example as a mother, and see their value to any organisation.

The training gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own journey back into the workplace after motherhood, which enabled me to focus on areas in which I could improve. I have never been the most confident when speaking publicly. Since attending this course I have been able to build on my confidence in this area.

What are your aspirations for 2020?

My aspiration for 2020 is to support a local organisation called Coventry Haven, the Haven provide support to those who have suffered any form of domestic violence. I would like to use the skills and inspiration gained at the Springboard course to develop and encourage those in need.

How can we support you?

I would like to continue to use the support and knowledge of the Springboard organisation to ensure that I am best equipped to provide the support that the people of Coventry Haven deserve and need.