About the Industry

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Cinema and Theatre Attendant

Cinema and theatre attendants help customers during entertainment.

Job Summary

  • Checking tickets
  • Showing people to their seats
  • Selling programmes
  • Selling refreshments from trays or kiosks during the interval
  • Dealing with any problems or complaints
  • Re-stocking the refreshment kiosks and trays
  • Collecting litter and tidying up after a show
  • Being responsible for health and safety, for example, making sure fire exits are not blocked

Skills Required

  • A polite, helpful and approachable manner
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to keep calm in an emergency
  • Maths skills, with the ability to handle money and work out change
  • Good team-working skills

Qualifications & Training

You will usually be trained on the job by experienced staff. Most cinemas now belong to major leisure companies that will often provide full, structured in-house training. Some employers may give you the chance to work towards a customer service qualification.

Salary Expectations

Many posts are part-time but you can expect to earn around £10,000 - £12,500