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Scottish Tourism Careers Festival 2017

Thursday 09 March 2017


Scottish Tourism Careers Festival will be taking place in March and we hope that this year will be the biggest and best festival yet! Throughout March, there will be a whole host of events and activity happening around Scotland which will showcase the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Industry as a vibrant and dynamic place to work. Get involved and be part of it!



The Festival is the ideal opportunity to shout about how great working in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism is! It’s our chance to encourage the next generation of workers to consider a career in our sector. So get involved! Why not organise your own event? Below are a few ideas of events that your business could organise.

Careers day job fair

  • Hotel Look and Learn Show Round
  • Buddy Day
  • A talk or demonstration in your local school/college.
  • Springboard Skills Challenge
  • Host an industry conference or meeting
  • A competition

2016 we saw lots of Hospitality / Tourism businesses engaged in the Festival, from Village Hotels, Apex, Citizen M, GoMA, Historic Environment Scotland, Marriott Hotels to name but a few.

Social Media Campaign

During March, we really want to share with the world how great our industry is – but we need your help! We would like you to Vlog – record a short video (no longer than 30 seconds) telling us a little about your job and post it on social media – remember to tweet us at @springboard_uk #STCF2017.

Here are a few ideas about what you could talk about:

  • A day in the life of : your daily duties
  • Why did you choose a career in Hospitality & Tourism?
  • Most memorable moment so far
  • A snapshot of your career
  • Why would you recommend working in Hospitality & Tourism?

Interested in joining the sector?

Careers Selfie gleneaglesIf you are a school, college or individual who wants to find out more about working in the hospitality and tourism industry then March 2017 is the time to find out more and get involved! There are a range of events happening across Scotland and it’s your chance to come along, meet with those already working in the sector and find out more.

Check out the events listings which will be updated regularly to find out what’s happening in your area and how you can get involved.

Organising an event?

Let us know so that we can promote it on our website.

Register your event


If you’re running an event or attending one – be sure to take lots of photos and tweet about it using our hash tag #STCF2017.


HAVE A GO - Springboard Skills Challenges

What is it?

A hands on activity which gives young people the opportunity to see if they have or would like to learn the necessary skills to do the job.

Leading employers from the industry demonstrate the challenge and then give the participants the opportunity to try it for themselves, as either an individual or a group challenge.

Who is it aimed at?

Skills Challlenges are most suitable for school/college students who are considering the various career options available to them. It gives them a taste of how rewarding a career in the hospitality and tourism can be in a fun environment.

Examples of Activities:

  • Napkin Folding
  • Bed Making
  • Cocktail Making
  • Food prep activity
  • Icing a cake
  • Laying a banqueting table

HAVE A GO - Buddy Day

What is it?

A Buddy Day is a hands-on work experience day that involves the candidate (The Buddy) shadowing an employee for a day. Buddy Days provide candidates with a taste of what a particular job involves, the skills and attributes they would need and a chance to sample the atmosphere of a particular working environment.

Who is it aimed at?

Potential recruit including young people, the unemployed, career changers, those returning to work as well as influencers including parents, teachers, Careers advisors and Jobcentre Plus.

A Buddy Day is also an excellent Staff Development opportunity. Why not get your Banqueting Manager to shadow Housekeeping for a day or your Sales Manager to Shadow your Events Team for the day?

Benefits to Schools

It’s a chance for pupils and teachers to find out about working in hospitality, leisure, and tourism – the world’s fastest growing industry! It raises the profile of the sector as a quality career choice and gives the buddy a chance find out about the industry in a lively, interactive way that ultimately reflects the nature of the industry.

Benefits to Industry

Work Experience is the most effective way to convince people to work in our industry. Our research shows that it’s by far the biggest single factor in turning people on to a career in hospitality, leisure and tourism.

Allowing students to demonstrate their creativity to a range of influencers, within your own premises and under the supervision of your existing staff could be an excellent PR exercise. You may feel you could let students organise a lunch, take a fitness class under supervision or help guide visitors around an attraction.

In all cases you can tailor the activity to suit your own business.

Buddy Day is also an excellent Staff Development opportunity.


What is it?

A Structured Demonstration, either within your place of business or out in a School or College or as part of a jobs fair is an excellent way to really showcase some of the skills and passion you have within your business, highlighting job roles and the skills needed.

Cooking demonstrations are always very popular. You can do a full on demonstration showing how to cook a full dish, or a certain ingredient. Or you could demonstrate knife skills by doing some decorative garnishes, and work with vegetables. Or perhaps some blind tasting?

Cocktail/Mocktail Demonstrations are highly visual and tend to grab people’s attention.

Interactive Housekeeping demonstrations highlight the skills needed in this invaluable role and are very popular in engaging groups in a fun and interactive way.

Who is it aimed at?

Demonstrations can be aimed at anyone who is considering a career in the industry. However school, college and training groups are always looking for this kind of experience to enhance their curriculum.


What is it?

It is as simple as opening your doors of your place of work and giving a guided tour to groups explaining job roles in each department and the departments function can be a great way to showcase your business. It is a great way to show the range of job opportunities within our sector in an interactive and engaging way.

Who is it aimed at?

Why not open your doors to a School or College group or perhaps to potential new recruits embarking on training. Do you work with a local job centre? This can be an excellent way to bring to life some of the job roles to their staff.


What is it?

Competitions could come in many forms – you could engage a local school by asking them to help design a new menu or advert for your business or you could adapt the Springboard Skills Challenge to have a more competitive edge.

Our Keys to the Castle Challenge ran in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland encourages young people to visit and learn more about their local Historic Scotland tourist sites. They have to write a blog or make a vlog to promote the site to tourists, opening their eyes to the tourism industry in their local area.

Who is it aimed at?

Competitions are a great way to motivate young people. Schools and colleges are always looking for fun and interactive activities which will engage and inspire their students.