Springboard & CareerScope

What is Careerscope?

CareerScope is a FREE advice and guidance service provided The Springboard Charity for jobseekers from any walk of life to help you begin your career in the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industry. We offer a range of services aimed to get you into employment. This includes general advice such as CV, interview and cover letter tips, as well as offering programmes designed to equip you with the necessary experience and qualifications. We also keep you up-to-date with any available vacancies within our partner’s companies.

Who are Springboard?

The Springboard Charity helps young people achieve their potential; nurtures unemployed people of any age into work; and helps alleviate poverty by supporting disadvantaged and underprivileged people into sustainable employment within the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industry.

How is Springboard/CareerScope funded?

Visit The Springboard Charity website for information on how Springboard/CareerScope is funded - http://charity.springboard.uk.net/about/fundraising

What are Springboard programmes?

Here at Springboard we provide opportunities for education, training and employment. We aim to equip people with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to fulfil their potential. Our programmes will help you get work experience, internships and apprenticeships within reputable companies in the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industry. We also offer opportunities such as our FutureChef Programme which will allow you to have fun whilst developing your skills.

How do I make a careers appointment?

You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 0207 921 0420. We can do appointments over the phone, email or in person if you are able to get to our London office

Why should I join your mailing list?

Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with relevant opportunities for your career; as well as information and advice on working in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism.

    The Industry

What are the entry level requirements/qualifications to get a job in this industry?

There are so many opportunities whether or not you have any previous experience within the industry; you may never have worked within the industry before, or you could be a seasoned professional. We also run many programmes to help you gain any necessary qualifications you may need to progress your career.

What are the possibilities of career progression in the industry?

The Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industries offer endless career paths, many individuals in the sector are most likely to stay and develop their career. These are industries where experience is truly valued. Lots of the industry’s top players started their careers with an entry level job and worked their way up through the industry. Many have said that this gives you a valuable grounding for a successful career in hospitality.

Where can I find out more about job roles and sectors in the industry?

We’ve listed a whole bunch of jobs so you can get an idea of how many different avenues you can go down. You can also read up about Hotels, FSM companies, Restaurants and Members Clubs.

What exactly is FSM and what does it entail?

Food and Service Management (FSM) is the outsourcing of food preparation to other organisations for businesses such as schools, oil rigs, factories and museums. Jobs within this sector cover a wide range, and offer many opportunities for every entry level. This includes those would expect in the hospitality industry, such as, Chefs, kitchen assistants and waiters/waitresses, as well as a wider range of management services from security to crèche management. This is an industry with clear-cut career paths and plenty of opportunities for progression.

    Applying for Jobs

Where is the best place to look for jobs in this industry?

Take a look at our useful links section, there are lots of different websites to take a look at. However just get in touch with Springboard, we work with over 100 different business’ partners UK wide that are always on the lookout for fantastic team members. You can get in touch with a careers advisor to find out about the latest opportunities.

Do I need to provide a covering letter when applying for a job?

This will be dependent upon the job vacancy/programme you are applying for. We have a range of example cover letters to take a look at. Alternatively please get in touch with one of our careers advisors who can take you through the steps to create the perfect cover letter.

What should I wear to an interview?

To create a good first impression, dressing smart for a recruitment day interview or a training week placement is essential.

    Starting a new job

What do I need to take with me on my first day?

Well this depends on what job you are starting. However it is always a good idea, to take along (if you have it…)

  • Some form of ID, a passport, drivers licence, birth certificate
  • Job starter paperwork; this could be an offer of pemployment, a contract, new starter letter etc.
  • Your uniform, if provided with one

For more tips on making a great impression on your first day take a look at our First Day guide.

Are there usually uniforms or just a set dress code? You will be told prior to beginning the placement or job if you are being provided a uniform by the employer, or if you have to contribute towards the uniform. What hours will I be working? This depends upon your placement provider or employer. However it is asked that they take into account your age (especially if you are under 18), but at the same time it is essential that a realistic working environment is provided. In some cases this will entail shift patterns.