networkingCareer networking is creating mutual beneficial contacts with people who can help develop or advance your career. Networking can take place at a dedicated networking event, exhibition, or conference and is far more relaxed than an interview.

Here are some handy hints on networking to help you in taking steps along the road to a successful career:

  • Attend networking events, contact Springboard to find out about the latest event; Springboard’s very own INSPIRE organises events such as Taster Days to help people make contacts within the industry.
  • Join LinkedIn, a professional networking site; ensure your profile is up to date, with a great photo and all sections are filled with precise details. LinkedIn lets you connect with your colleagues and get industry updates.
  • Talk to family & friends about your career. Find out who and what they know
  • Cognitive scientists say it can take up to 200 times the amount of information to undo a first impression as it takes to make one. Make sure you look professional, and introduce yourself professionally.
  • Before you attend a networking event, think about the aims. Networking isn’t about working a room or telling everyone how fabulous you are. Real networking is building lasting, mutually beneficial connections one person at a time.
  • Enter conversations with curious mind, ask them what they do in hospitality, listen and take the conversation from there. People love talking about themselves, so keep asking questions and listening, giving appropriate responses.
  • Less is more – it is better to speak to fewer people and form some quality connections then speak to lots of people for a short time (unless you’re at a speed networking).