Head Chef Head Chef

The King of the Kitchen. You are in charge of the everyday hustle and bustle; you must be able to maintain order amongst your team and produce fine meals with high standards.

Job Summary

  • Co-ordinate the distribution of tasks amongst your teams
  • To prepare all the menus in co-operation with the Restaurant Manager and check customer satisfaction levels by having a presence in the restaurant at meal times
  • To ensure that production is correctly executed and that products comply with the technical sheets
  • To ensure the quality levels of products and services
  • To manage your staff by training, motivating and structuring the team
  • To provide rigorous management: controlling raw material stocks, especially in terms of their cost

Skills required

  • Cooking skills: the ability to adapt your cooking style to your local environment
  • The ability to manage a profit centre: stock, cost prices, orders etc
  • The ability to manage a team: supervision, training, motivation, delegation
  • Team leadership
  • Creativity
  • Physical and mental resilience
  • Dual-skilled as manager and chef
  • Significant previous experience of managing a team in a similar environment

Qualifications and Training

Many Head Chefs have got where they are today by years of work experience and working their way up the career ladder. Formal qualifications will undoubtedly get you to the top fast. You can work your way up the ranks by taking the apprenticeship route as well as studying for NVQs or SVQs. Alternatively, you can study full time at college.

  • City & Guilds diplomas in cookery
  • BTEC HND in cookery
  • A foundation degree in culinary arts
  • Health and safety and food hygiene certificates

Salary Expectations

A Head Chef can expect to earn anywhere between £22,000 and £39,000 a year. With experience, and the right establishment a Head Chef can earn in excess of £42,000.

Salary rates vary depending upon your experience, as well as the company. These figures are only intended as a guide.*

The bonus bits…

  • You have full creative control, from the menu to what goes on the plate
  • As well as the creative control you’ll also have a great deal of management and team leadership responsibilities

* Figures from caterer.com December 2015