Kitchen Assistant Kitchen Assistant

A Kitchen Assistant’s main job is to ensure the kitchen is continuously operational and functioning. This can involve cleaning and food preparation depending on what needs to be done during the meal time rush.

Job Summary

  • Assisting the chef to prepare and cook a variety of snacks and meals
  • Setting up food  service counters
  • Checking and storing deliveries
  • Washing up pots/pans/ utensils, and food preparation machines
  • Cleaning kitchen equipment and food preparation surfaces
  • Waste/trash/garbage control

Skills required

  • Food preparation skills
  • High standards of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Health and safety for the workplace
  • Able to work under pressure 

Qualifications and Training

There are no particular qualifications necessary to begin your job as a Kitchen Porter. However some of these may be useful and help you progress quickly up the chain of command:

A quick way to a Kitchen Assistant role is through an Apprenticeship.

Salary Expectations

A Kitchen Assistant can expect to earn between £12,875 and £15,000 a year.

Salary rates vary depending upon your experience, as well as the company. These figures are only intended as a guide.*

The bonus bits…

  • You’ll likely be encouraged to undergo on-the-job training or a Food Hygiene/Food Safety qualification course
  • Seasonal and part-time work is readily available
  • Most companies will supply you with your own uniform.
  • With on-the-job qualifications and experience you have the opportunities to work yourself up the career ladder to Chef or Management

* From the National Careers Service October 2013