Catering Manager Catering Manager

You are responsible for the restaurant. It is your duty to co-ordinate the kitchen team and catering assistants to serve quality food and maintain a strict budget.

Job Summary

  • Cater for distinctly different groups of people, including executives and their guests, outside visitors to the organisation, and those hiring facilities for conferences or meetings
  • Identifying and optimising income earning opportunities
  • Implement, manage and monitor food production techniques to agreed budgets
  • Sales and promotion responsibilities
  • Keep the various departments running smoothly, and dealing with problems
  • Recruit and train staff

Skills required

  • Using Microsoft packages
  • The ability to train and motivate a team
  • Experience with sales
  • Experience of reception
  • Customer service experience
  • Team leadership
  • Using your own initiative

Qualifications and Training

You will need a significant experience and ideally some related qualifications. If you wish to move up the career ladder you may want to look into Hospitality related BTECs and further study in College

Salary Expectations

A Catering Manager can expect to earn between £20,000 and £25,000 a year, though with experience and some companies this can increase to as much as £40,000.

Salary rates vary depending upon your experience, as well as the company. These figures are only intended as a guide.*

The bonus bits…

You get to manage your own team

You can liaise closely with other teams and play a vital role in the organisation and representation of the business

*Figures supplied by December 2015