Conference & Banqueting Manager Conference & Banqueting Manager

You’ll be organising large-scale corporate events and overseeing the work of the events department

Job Summary

  • Organise and monitor the quality of customer events on behalf of the Conference and Banqueting Department
  • Supervise Food and Beverage services
  • Manage the reservation schedules
  • Help in the preparation of the department’s annual budgets
  • Supervise the quality of services offered to customers, in terms both of production and service
  • Recruit, manage and motivate the members of his or her team
  • Ensure that the brand standards are applied

Skills required

  • Sales ability
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Team leadership
  • Creativity skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Significant experience in the Banqueting and Conference trade

Qualifications and Training

Employers will be looking for a good set of qualifications that prove you have various transferable skills such as time management, presentation and organisation. You can earn Events related qualifications and Degrees and College and University

Salary Expectations

A Conference and Banqueting Manager can expect to earn between £25,000 and £40,000

Salary rates vary depending upon your experience, as well as the company. These figures are only intended as a guide.*

The bonus bits…

You’ll meet a lot of new and exciting people

You get to organise every detail of a variety of large scale events

* Figures from the National Careers Service November 2013