Accountant Accountant

As an Accountant you will prepare, examine and analyse financial statements and be responsible for overseeing all outgoing and incoming transactions in the business. You could be based in either head office or on a specific property.

Job Summary

  • Keep track of financial transactions within the business (usually through computerised systems, electronic cash tills, etc.)
  • Ensure that all incoming and outgoing money is accurately recorded and handled
  • Discrepancies must be investigated thoroughly, and corrected or the reason (a mistake or fraud) reported
  • Prepare detailed reports of income and expenditure, usually monthly or weekly, with comparisons to forecasts and previous periods, for the different departments
  • Prepare profit and loss accounts and the balance sheet for senior management
  • Assist in preparing budgets and business planning which includes projected revenue.
  • Bank statements must be reconciled
  • VAT and PAYE accounted for and paid to the government
  • Chase up late payments, report bad debts, and keep a careful eye on the cash flow
  • Arranging payments for wage and salary calculations, and payments

Skills required

  • Financial management
  • Mathematical background
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel, Word or Access
  • Knowledge of accountancy programmes e.g. TAS Payroll, Sage 50 etc.
  • Good eye for detail and good attention span (especially for spread sheets or making payments)
  • Problem solving

Qualifications and Training

The necessary qualifications depend upon the company you’re applying for. All will require you to have a background of mathematics and experience with Excel. Larger corporations may only employ a qualified accountant, in which case, you will need to have studied for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Salary Expectations

An Accountant can expect to earn anywhere between £25,000 and £35,000 a year.

Salary rates vary depending upon your experience, as well as the company. These figures are only intended as a guide.*

*Figures from December 2015