Gardener Gardener

Be responsible for some of the most beautiful public grounds and gardens. This job will allow you to flex your creative muscles whilst staying active in the great outdoors

Job Summary

  • Responsible for extensive gardens and grounds
  • Raise plants from seeds or cuttings
  • Dig, plant and weed flower beds
  • Prune shrubs
  • Monitor the health of plants
  • Apply nutrients to plants
  • Using labour-saving equipment to cut the lawns and hedges, transport garden rubbish, fertiliser and manure, and roll the lawns
  • Machines must be taken kept clean and regularly serviced
  • You may have to take on special projects such as constructing water features, patios and fences

Skills required

  • Able to complete physical and very demanding tasks
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Some Gardening experience will be beneficial

Qualifications and Training

You do not need to have any particular qualifications to be a gardener but you must show a strong interest – and some gardening experience will help you.

There are various college courses and apprenticeships which will help you get the experience you need.

Salary Expectations

A Gardener can expect to earn up to £20,000 a year.

Salary rates vary depending upon your experience, as well as the company. These figures are only intended as a guide.*

The bonus bits…

  • You’re given a considerable scope for creativity i.e. selecting suitable plants, shrubs and trees, and the garden layout
  • Working outside!

*Figures from the National Careers Service October 2013