Cruise Ship Steward

Cruise Ship stewards are part of the housekeeping team on a ship and are responsible for cleaning and servicing the rooms (cabins) of the guests on board, showing guests to their rooms and taking orders for food and drink.

Some cruise companies refer to ‘Stewards’ as the customer service or reception staff, however the the role and duties may vary depending on the company and set up.

Job Summary

  • Welcome guests and escort them to their cabins before the cruise sets off
  • Keep cabins clean and tidy
  • Make beds and provide fresh linen
  • Restock cabin mini bar items and toiletries such as shampoo and soap
  • Serve food and drinks to the cabins
  • Welcome passengers
  • Inform passengers of services and activities offered on-board
  • Arrange excursions
  • Deal with customer requests, queries or complaints

Skills Required

  • A welcoming and friendly customer focussed attitude
  • Helpful with tack and diplomacy
  • The ability to deal with difficult situations or complaints
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • A methodical approach to work

Qualifications & Training

Customer service is an important part of the cruise experience so most companies will expect you to have worked in a similar customer service or housekeeping role previously.

Food hygiene and health and safety training are usually provided for those who do not hold relevant qualifications.

Salary Expectations

Many posts come with free accommodation and food and you can still expect to start on around £700 a month rising to £1500 depending on experience.