When did you join Hilton Apprenticeship Scheme?

September 2010

Tell us about your apprenticeships

I first joined Hilton at their hotel in Heathrow, where I worked in every kitchen at the hotel, from larder to the main kitchen. It was where I learnt to work in a kitchen environment, along with furthering my knowledge in culinary. After 6 months I entered a cook off with the other Hilton apprentices to be able to work at the Hilton London on Park Lane, which I was fortunate enough to win. It was there I started working in pastry and found my calling as a pastry chef. All in the meantime going to college on a Monday and visiting many different places doing master classes.

How Hilton helped you achieve your career objectives?

I was fortunate enough to be able to complete the Hilton apprenticeship, which helped me become a chef. When I finished the apprenticeship and got offered a job as a Commis chef at Hilton London on Park Lane, I had massive support from Hilton. I was able to enter cooking competitions which allowed me to further my knowledge and skills. I even had the opportunity to travel to France and travel around Rungis market to see and taste the amazing produce. I was also able to be a part of BBC Bake off Crème de la Crème where a team from the Hilton London on Park Lane got to the final which never would have happened without tremendous support from Hilton. All these put together has allowed me to become a Junior Sous Chef at the age of 24 which surpassed my dreams at this age.

If you could say something to an aspiring chef apprentice, what would it be?

What you put in, is what you will get back. If you have the right attitude and are willing to work hard you will go far, being a part of Hilton will only help that.