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The Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industry in Scotland is a growing sector and there are around 200,000 jobs with over 80% of these jobs held in small businesses. There are many skills gaps and anticipated shortage of jobs of 48000 needed by 2020. This is an exciting time to join this vibrant and fun industry!

Whether you are considering your career options, leaving school, thinking about work experience or beginning your career journey, changing careers or considering higher or further education there are many opportunities in Scotland waiting for you. Below is some information and links to pages where all your questions can be answered and ideas created. For one to one guidance please contact one of our advisors.




Further & Higher Education

If you are considering what to do when you finish school you may already be exploring further and higher education. It's worthwhile knowing the difference to help you weigh-up your options and understand how to apply.

Further education

Further education means courses taken at college, excluding degree level courses. Further education tends to be more work-focused (vocational) and is usually fully funded.

Further education includes:

  • National Qualifications
  • City and Guilds vocational courses
  • Access courses
  • Modules

Higher education

Higher education is degree level education and can be taken at university or college. Most degrees in Scotland take three or four years to complete and can be vocational, non-vocational or a mixture of the two. Right now, Scottish students don’t need to pay tuition fees but this may change in future.

Higher education includes:

  • Degrees
  • Higher National Certificates (HNCs)
  • Higher National Diplomas (HNDs)
  • Postgraduate courses such as PhDs

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