Tell us about yourself

My background is in Musical Theatre, and prior to my work experience placement at the Grand I already had some experience working within a team and I loved communicating with people. I was keen to develop my skills and to do so in an environment where I knew I would excel and feel very much at home.

Since getting involved with Springboard and INSPIRE has your life changed?

The Grand were very impressed with me during my time there and I got offered some casual work to do during school holidays. I have become much more confident working in a professional capacity and I learnt how to utilise my skills. I met some amazing people on my placement and I loved learning how to converse with different ages and personalities.

What are you doing now, and where?

I am currently going into Year 13 and therefore about to start my second year of A Levels in Drama, Religious Studies and Media.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

My dream is to be on the West End Stage or be a screewriter for a TV Show, failing that the Grand have welcomed me with open arms so I would definitely take up a job there.

What did you learn on your placement, and what did you enjoy the most?

I learnt how to communicate effectively with members of the team and customers alike. I really enjoyed meeting new people and working within a professional team who always strived to perfection. They took really good care of me at the Grand and I learnt much about how to utilise my skills.

What tips and advice would you give to anyone considering work experience?

Do a placement in something you’re really interested or that you know you’re going to enjoy. Keep open minded and during the interview stages be yourself and be as honest as possible. Think about what skills you need to develop for your future job and do a placement that will help to strengthen those skills. If you 100% sure what you want to do do a placement as relevant to that as possible to gain experience.