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meet the employers

Apex Hotels

About Apex Hotels

Want to work in fabulous hotels that pride themselves on customer service? Then Apex Hotels is the hotel company for you! Apex Hotels is a family run business from Scotland and each employee feels like they are part of the family. Our good friends at Apex Hotels will offer you a great range of career opportunities and brilliant training that will help you in your career and make you proud to work for Apex.



I love my job because...

In July 2015, Apex welcomed students aged 14-16 to sample life in the hospitality industry at Temple Court Hotel.

Students were able to explore the hotel and were given an array of talks and demonstrations designed to promote and represent a true career within the hospitality industry.

Here are some comments from students on the day:

"I have really enjoyed the whole experience. I felt like I was a part of Apex Hotels. I really enjoyed the tour because it’s not every day you go and see how a hotel is run. Thank you Apex for this experience."


"It was a great experience today because I learnt so many new things. I always thought working in a hotel was boring, but it’s so not. It is vibrant and exciting!"


"Working in a hotel is hard work but I have really enjoyed the day because it showed me how much you have to work to achieve something. I would recommend this hotel to everyone because I am proud of everything the hotel has achieved. I rate this hotel 10/10"


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