Meet the Employers

meet the employers

Vineyard Group

About The Vineyard Group

The Vineyard Group is continuously striving towards exceeding guests’ expectations with a passionate, knowledgeable team that is key to their success.

They are looking for thoughtful innovators, aspiring leaders and those who truly believe they can make a difference to someone else's day.

The Vineyard Group is interested in people who showcase the best of their iconic hotels, candidates who are committed to investing their passion and knowledge for guests to enjoy.

They already have an abundance of talent in the team but to help them build their success and achieve their ambitions, they need even more of these rare individuals.




I love my job because...

"The beauty of my role is not every day is the same; I have the pleasure of working with different people on different projects throughout the business."

Charlotte Hayes - Marketing Executive

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"I am always working on new projects and better working practices to develop the hotel today and for the future, including staffing structures, profit controls and welfare."

Robby Jenks - Executive Chef

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"I love attention to detail so working in the events team is great for me. What I love the most is after a successful event hearing the clients’ feedback on how well it all went. It’s a huge team effort here at the hotel so when all the hard work has been recognised by the clients that’s the icing on the cake for me"

Nicole Pearce - Events Manager


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