Tell us about yourself

Before the course I was unemployed for four and a half months with zero confidence left after all the unsuccessful applications from employers.

Since getting involved with Springboard has your life changed?

The course has completely changed my life! I now have the confidence to follow something I have always wanted to do - to build an excellent career within hospitality.

What are you doing now and where?

I’m currently working in a front of house position in Twist cocktail bar and restaurant in Greenock.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I just like to take things as they come, however I fully expect to be in a supervisor or manager position by that point in my career.

What tips or advice would you give someone considering their career options/getting involved with Diageo Learning for Life?

Take this is amazing opportunity and give it your best shot. That is exactly what I did and it’s completely changed my way of thinking and my way of approaching life. Before I would've sat behind my computer applying for jobs, complaining when I did not hear back. However just after the course I had one day where I went and printed off lots of CVs and handed them into local employers - something I had never done before. Before I had even finished handing out all my CVs, I got a phone call and was offered a trial shift. I got the job and I am still there now. The change I can see in myself in this short space of time since completing the course is amazing.