Tell us about yourself

Before the course I was living with my Mum, struggling to find enough casual work to cover my living expenses and let me keep up my side business as an illustrator. I was feeling pretty hopeless, frustrated and even a little angry at how futile it felt trying to get into the job market. I was starting to feel like it didn’t matter how much effort I put in, nothing was ever going to change.

Since getting involved with Springboard has your life changed?

For the last four months, I’ve been employed full-time, and with tips and overtime from working the holiday season, I was able to save enough money to make the move to Glasgow with my own flat, something that I had wanted to do. I’ve learned a ton of new skills, but most importantly, I’ve realised that I’m capable of learning fast, working hard and making the kind of changes I want in my own life. I really do feel like a whole new person.

What are you doing now and where?

Right now I am working at Coia’s Café, a fantastic and always busy, traditional Italian Deli/Café on Duke Street in Glasgow. For the moment, I’m waiting tables, but over the next month or so I’m hoping to move into hosting where I can really exercise my interest in venue management and customer service.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Ideally, I’d love to move into a position where I can help to run a venue, but as long as I’m in a job I love with a good team around me, then I’m sure I’ll be happy!

What tips or advice would you give someone considering their career options/getting involved with Diageo Learning for Life?

Do It! You have nothing to lose. I was anxious at first that I was the wrong kind of person for hospitality, or that it was the wrong time in my life, or that I came from the wrong background – none of it was true. I’ve never done a training course like this one; that really cares about you as an individual. Give it six weeks with an open mind and it will change your life.