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Ellie Vincent – Crowned Ambassador of the Year 2017

Ambassador Winner

My year as a Springboard ambassador has been really exciting as I have been able to meet lots of different people at different stages of their development.

I have worked with a local school in Wembley, firstly going in to meet with some students to tell them about the world of Hospitality and Catering and Springboard’s work and opportunities. I then helped to arrange, with the team at Wembley, for a group of Year 9 pupils to visit the Stadium. Despite many living on the doorstep of this amazing venue, many had never stepped inside so it was great to be a part of and help to facilitate their experience. The Wembley team gave them a tour of the Hospitality areas and kitchens, and spoke to them about their work and what opportunities the Hospitality Industry can offer. We then worked with the students through some of the exercises we use as a recruitment team, to give them an insight into the skills they would need to succeed. The engagement of the students with our exercises was really encouraging from them at such a young age, to really want to develop skills that they had started practising in the classroom, in a real life environment, such as presenting, teamwork and communication.

I have also visited a number of careers fairs, meeting students from all levels of education from Year 9 students just starting to think about their options, to university graduates who are looking for a career in Foodservice and Hospitality. I have felt I have been able to make an impact by offering guidance and support, as well as an insight into what working in Hospitality is really like. It has also helped me to ensure we are always looking for the right talent to join us, right from our frontline variable roles which can give someone their first experience of Hospitality, and the world of work in general.

One other project I have been involved in this year was working with a number of schools in the Ealing area for pupils with special needs. This was by far the biggest departure from my usual “day-to-day” and the biggest challenge to ensure my content was engaging – but to see the pupils really progress their understanding of not only the Hospitality industry, but skills that employers look for and what opportunities could be open to them, was really rewarding.