Large Hotel Groups

Start your career in one of the large hotel groups and you’ll be given the opportunity to work across the industry; you could find yourself in an exotic spa or destination retreat. It’s your passport to an ever bigger world; a gateway to a global career.

"I work in fantastic buildings with great people who strive to deliver perfection and make every guest feel special, whether it´s an A-list celebrity, or someone who has saved up a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Anthony Biagioni - Assistant Chief Engineer, The Dorchester Hotel & 45 Park Lane

Large, full-service hotels give you the chance to move around the business, and transfer your skills across both customer facing and back-of-house departments. Many of these hotels have extensive conference facilities, business and fitness centres too; you’ll be able to focus your career on any given department and build your career around your preferences.

Larger hotels also have more management levels/hierarchies as well as departments. This means there are plenty of management opportunities and always the possibility of career advancement.

Provided you stay enthusiastic and ambitious, your experience working for acclaimed global brands will open doors throughout your career and take you exactly where you want to go.

Resorts & Spas

Do you enjoy working amidst wide open spaces and the beauty and serenity of nature?

Spas and spa-tourism have become extremely popular, part of the growth in ‘wellness tourism’. Many new spas are linked to luxury hotel chains, with a growing number of city-centre hotels offering chic spa facilities.

"Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa is a truly magical place to work. In the 30 years of coming here I have never got tired of the hotel. Working on a daily basis with so many different guests from all over the world has enabled me to develop a great deal of confidence. You never know what to expect on a day-to-day basis."

Colin Parkes - Head Concierge, Careys Manor

With so many people trying to escape from the stresses of modern life, spas and spa-tourism have become extremely popular. Resorts and spas are all about body and soul – providing guests with an environment to relax, detox, and regenerate. Here, your concern is truly the well-being of your guests, offering anything from heavenly massages to fitness regimes.

The growing number of spas means there’s great demand for trained and experienced beauty therapists, spa managers and other high-calibre staff who can deliver a range of spa treatments. With the proper training, a good, caring manner and people skills, you can easily progress up the ladder to management or cross over to other areas like sales or product-training. You’ll also have the opportunity for luxury travel to far-flung places, from Vietnam to Thailand to the Swiss Alps.

Luxury and Boutique Hotels

Experience the individual, lavish and fun side of hotels.

Boutique hotels are sometimes called ‘lifestyle’ hotels, and are found in cities, towns, as well as less urban areas. Some are ‘destination-led’, which means you can find them in fashionable, up-and-coming locations. Some are even converted warehouses or breweries, or boast a gastro-pub.

The key is to be confident and prepared – in these hotels, attention to detail is everything, but you’ll enjoy the prestige of being part of some of the finest hotels in a world-class industry.

These hotels have precise and confident service standards. Many provide excellent training and development opportunities, including graduate programmes and internships.

Small and Independent

Unique and individual, independent and small group hotels reflect the image and culture of their owners and/or group. At the deluxe and luxury end, guests are discerning business and international leisure travellers who expect the utmost care and attention.

These hotels have exclusive and distinct characteristics, as well as ‘house rules’ that reflect the image and culture of their owners.  You’ll be guaranteed an individual and one-of-a-kind experience working within small hotels, giving you the independence to work with your own ideas.

Many hotels are full-service; offering extensive conference facilities, health and fitness centres, retail and limousine services together with sophisticated food and beverage operations. You’ll have the chance to work in different departments and even cross-over to areas like HR, Sales and Marketing, IT and Administration. Smaller hotels let you dip into these areas as part of your everyday job. As you progress to management and executive level, there could be opportunities for foreign travel as many of these hotels have ‘sister hotels’ outside the UK.

The key is to be confident and prepared – in these hotels, attention to detail is everything, but you’ll enjoy the prestige of being part of some of the finest hotels in a world-class industry!