Members Clubs

members clubs

Private members clubs can be found across the UK, although you may not at first be aware of them – they could offer you a fantastic career in hospitality.

Working in a Club can be hugely rewarding as you build a closer relationship with its members; it’s like working in a private house within a big family. Your ability to develop a friendly but professional rapport with members is critical as, unlike in a hotel, you’ll be encountering the same individuals on a regular basis.

These clubs offer their clients special, unique and exclusive spaces to relax, socialise, get active or celebrate. They are increasingly seen as great places to work for those with the ambition to deliver the highest standards who also enjoy a varied environment.

Clubs offer high standards of comfort and service and operate in a vibrant and professional atmosphere with a degree of formality that isn’t normally found on the high street. Most offer rooms to members and their families, they have anything that a large fully equipped hotel would have – but on a smaller scale; from conference and function rooms to restaurants and bars.

"A wonderful environment where staff can develop and progress. An interesting, fun place to work, that is largely recession proof which in today’s environment makes it truly special"

Christian Horvath, GM, Royal Automobile Club, London