Pubs and Bars

pubs and bars


Career progression

Working in pubs is fast-paced, fun and ever-changing – no two days are ever the same. If you thought it was a job for the short term with no career prospects, think again! It’s not unusual to see young managers on the pub and bar scene. Promotion is rapid for those with talent and an eye for keeping the customers happy so running your own pub by your early twenties is no pipe dream. As a manager, you could be working behind the bar one minute, purchasing stock, running promotions, doing the accounts, hiring, training and supervising your staff and, of course, looking after your customers – so a flexible, can-do attitude is a must.

What Do Employers Want?

The focus is on the customer in a very competitive market place. Exceeding customer expectations puts you and your pub or bar in a great commercial place. If ownership is with a large company, investment in your training will be a given – be that formal qualifications or company programmes. If you are a people person who thrives on team work, are diplomatic and patient, have some business savvy, can think on your feet and are prepared to go the extra mile, the pub and bar sector could be your route to career success.