If you have a love of food and drink, plus, a desire to learn more about it and share with others, then a career in Restaurants is essential for you.

Restaurants are the biggest of all the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism employers. In 2010 there were over 72,000 restaurants in the UK, employing over 660,000 people! And its workforce continues to grow! Within this industry the scope for you is huge – think of the diversity available to you when you decide to go out to eat. The opportunities, like their menus, are huge with something to suit every palate, taste and style!

The variety in the Restaurant industry is huge. The cuisine: from Turkish to Japanese, American to Italian. The categories of restaurants: casual to fine dining, fast food to bistros. All this diversity means you’ll be guaranteed a career catered to suit your personal preferences, with plenty of opportunities in both back and front of house, and management.

A career in Restaurants requires an eye for detail, and the ability to work well under pressure; but most importantly, creativity, either in kitchen producing appetising dishes or front of house creating a unique atmosphere for your customers.

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Vacancies in the restaurant industry