CV & Cover Letter writing and interview techniques

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Now that you’re aware of the opportunities available to you, it’s time to learn how to make an impression.

From your initial CV and covering letter, to your first day in your new job, we’re here to help! We have a range of useful tools which you can use to ensure you stand the best chance of getting into your dream job.

CV Writing

Putting together a CV that will stand out from the crowd can be really difficult, a hospitality industry focussed CV perhaps even more so. This is why we’re giving you some top tips and some templates so that you can create something that really shows off your personality, skills and experience in the best way.

Summary of Top Tips for CVs:

Cover letter writing

Cover Letters expand on your CV and provide an opportunity for you to showcase your suitability, skills and enthusiasm for a job that you are applying to. 

Before writing your cover letter
When writing your cover letter
When finishing your cover letter

Cover letter templates

Interview techniques

If you are attending an interview, it can only mean one thing – you have already impressed them, with the unique combination of experience and skills you demonstrated on your CV. Remember this and stay confident.

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